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About Us


With a focus on combining a micro brew-style, with strain-specific hash extractions and beautiful flowers, Mount Baker Home Grown has established a reputation for being the leader in high-quality cannabis products. Its signature “farm-to-table” technique, whereby all aspects of growth, harvest, extraction and processing of cannabinoids are carefully controlled and monitored to ensure premium-grade, organic purity and quality of product, enables Mount Baker Home Grown to achieve a standard of excellence, and a great experience for our customers.


JUSTIN COWARD – head grower, rock hound

As the chief grower at Mt Baker home grown, Justin is no stranger to long hours and making sure his cannabis is well nurtured and happy, tending to the plants every day, even Christmas.  “I’m the nine-to-five, seven days a week guy,” he explains.  A former line cook, Justin takes great pride in the art of preparing something from scratch, and helping it grow into something excellent.  “We’re honest about what we can and can’t do, here at Mount Baker Home Grown… we keep it simple, and we are always trying to learn and do things better.”
When Justin isn’t ministering to his cannabis, he’s collecting rocks and minerals.  “Any mineral will always catch my eye.  I really like Illinois Flourite.  And Tourmaline, for sure.”


JEDEDIAH WITHAM – owner, extraction specialist, forager

Jed is no stranger to fine cuisine, having, in 2002, helped establish the restaurant Nimbus in Bellingham, WA.  Since then, Witham has been involved in commercial gardening and the creation of Farmed and Foraged, a specialty produce company.


MICHAEL DYKSTRA – owner, director of sales and product relations, weedman

Mike Dykstra is the weedman! An embodiment of what makes weed so dope; he has the knowledge, pride, and hair that it takes to “grow” in the cannabis industry! Living by the motto, “get baked. be baked. do baked things. get more baked-er”, there is no denying he is passionate about what we do! With a Business Management Degree from Western Washington University and being a lifelong supporter of cannabis in all forms and for all purposes, Mike could not be more driven to expand the horizons and acceptance of marijuana! While perpetually supporting the most baked of lifestyles, Mike can be found sailing around Puget Sound, stomping along with one of his favorite bands at a show, and enjoying time spent with friends and his fur-family; all while rocking his signature “I Love Cats and Bluegrass” hat, of course!


AMBER – head of marketing and public relations, all the small things

As a 10 year partner at Starbucks Amber rocked it and shocked it. She organized store displays and had an inside track to the details of Marketing that matter. She can sell a cat on dogs and a dog on eating carrots even when it really wants a bone.


CARA  – packaging and quality control, trim wizard

Cara puts her warm smile into each bag and jar of green. She knows when the bag is half full and prefers to approach life with this viewpoint.

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